Doms Drawing Pencil

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BrandDoms ModelDoms Drawing Pencil No of Pieces Per Pack6 TypeSketching Pencil ColorBlack
This set gives the core range of hardness of graphite sketch pencils for the pencil artist. Includes 14 graphite pencils (10B, 8B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 2B, HB) Pencils are sturdy.
The graphite is even Slim, Easy Grip Natural Wood Barrels and Quality Graphite is Easy to Sharpen and is Break Resistant.
For Beginners,Professional artists,Students and office workers,are the best choice,Suitable for all Paintings,Artistic creations,Drawings,Classroom,Work,Writing,You will love them.
For smudging, the dark and soft b pencil is a good choice. For fine straight lines, choose the h pencil that will hold its point. Degree is printed on the end of the pencil barrel for easy identification. Ideal for sketching, drawing, blending, shading and doing fine detailed illustrations.